Monday, March 27, 2017

Step 9

I did a couple more hours on this today. It's been awhile since I worked on it because not only have I been very busy but also because it was taking a long time to not just dry but to set up at all. By adding clove oil to my linseed oil (just a drop) it delayed drying much too long. Even today, some areas where I tried to layer colour, it just lifted the bottom layer. I went back to just linseed oil. I would rather have it dry too fast than too slow.

Today I started on the eyes again and some of the face tones. I've been trying to put in detail in the more finished eye that I couldn't see in the reference photo because it was hidden by glare in the glasses. I realized I didn't have to put in the detail under the glare, just paint what I see. So I put in the first layer of the glare on one side. I also worked a little on the mouth and teeth.

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