Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Step 5

I'm finally going ahead with this painting. I found the painting wasn't looking very much like my brother-in-law so I had to think about it for awhile. After a big sigh I realized that I needed to move the mouth and both eyes. It was frustrating so I procrastinated a few days. For all you knitters out there, it was like having to unravel half your work when you discover a major mistake. You don't feel like sitting down to re-do all your work right away. LOL. I finally redrew the features and today I had to paint over the old eyes and mouth and went ahead starting to block in some skin tones on the face. The results are pretty basic since it is just back to the first steps but at least now it looks like him. Yay. The yellow areas are still the toned board underneath where there is no paint.

I also have finally figured out my work space for oil painting since my watercolour set up didn't work. What I'm finding annoying right now is the time to set up and put away supplies after each session. I was spoiled by watercolour where you can just rinse your brush and walk away. I'm learning every day but I won't give up on oils until I've done quite a few to see if oil painting is what I want to go ahead with.


Pam Dallaire said...

It took a long time to learn watercolours, be patient. :)

Ricky Rose said...

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