Monday, August 28, 2023

Tulips Step 3

 A few more hours work all over the painting darkening the background layers and working on the Tulips. I’m not going to go photorealistic this time. The background will be very impressionistic so as not to draw attention from the flowers. Plus, this painting will be hanging outside in all weather for a week so I don’t want to put in a whole lot of work in case it gets ruined. It will be varnished but it will have to contend with the weather, insects, animals, and maybe even vandals. I hope to be finished the painting this week. I have others waiting in line to be done also with deadlines.

The photo has a bluish tint again that’s not there in real life.

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Hidden Tulips Step 2

 I continued blocking in shapes around the flowers. It will all be much darker at the end but I have to find the objects before I can correct the colours and value. I also experimented with colours of the Tulip petals. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Hidden Tulips Step 1

 It’s been quite awhile. Now that gardening season is winding down and art show season is getting close, I have to get painting.

This one is for an unusual show put on by our local art club. The paintings will be hung along a trail through the woods for people to see as they follow the path. 

I think it’s 12x 16” on wrapped canvas (watercolour paper wrapped and stapled around a canvas). It is of some lovely yellow Tulips I found in my yard hidden under some Cedar hedges.

So far I am just blocking in areas of colour to be able to understand where things are in the chaos of branches, leaves, and grass. I am also putting in Cedar branches using negative painting to keep some bright where the light hits. It will become clearer as I work on it. The fun part for this outdoor show is that I think I’ll finish it by draping some Cedar branches hanging over the edges in places to mimic how they looked when I found them. If I want to experiment this is the show. LOLThis photo has a blue cast to it for some reason. I’ll correct that in the next step.