Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Hidden Tulips Step 1

 It’s been quite awhile. Now that gardening season is winding down and art show season is getting close, I have to get painting.

This one is for an unusual show put on by our local art club. The paintings will be hung along a trail through the woods for people to see as they follow the path. 

I think it’s 12x 16” on wrapped canvas (watercolour paper wrapped and stapled around a canvas). It is of some lovely yellow Tulips I found in my yard hidden under some Cedar hedges.

So far I am just blocking in areas of colour to be able to understand where things are in the chaos of branches, leaves, and grass. I am also putting in Cedar branches using negative painting to keep some bright where the light hits. It will become clearer as I work on it. The fun part for this outdoor show is that I think I’ll finish it by draping some Cedar branches hanging over the edges in places to mimic how they looked when I found them. If I want to experiment this is the show. LOLThis photo has a blue cast to it for some reason. I’ll correct that in the next step.

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