Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Storm Warning finished

 This is my first serious attempt in doing a loose painting. Which means it’s not photorealistic, more impressionistic. I don’t love it but I had to paint to our art club’s theme. The good part is it only took two days. There is some glare on the corner of the paper because the drying paper warped the stretcher and caused some buckling. I’m not very happy with it but at least I have something to put in the show.

Monday, November 20, 2023

Storm Warning Step 2

 Another session after drying. It has to dry again before I can do more. The sky is getting near to the actual photo colours as well as the sand. Still a few more washes to go. 

Storm warning Step 1

 Our local art club has a show in the museum here in December. The theme is “Panorama: Northern Ontario Landscapes”. I hate doing landscapes and have procrastinated for months. I finally found one of my photos to try and paint loosely but just started it this morning. I have two days before it has to be photographed and three days before it needs delivering! I have to paint it, wax it, and frame it. Wish me luck. 

This is where I’m at after just over an hour. Many washes left to go but it has to dry before I add more washes.

It is 16 x 20”.