Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What I've been up to.

Now that this past weekend is finished, I can now show you a couple of things I've been painting. I was at a meet of watercolour artists and this first painting had to remain a secret until after a guessing game there (which artist painted which painting). Here is the one I submitted which shows part of a pond in the meet's location. I called this one Peaceful Garden.

I also participated in a workshop taught by a wonderful artist named Charlene McGill (http://www.charmingart.org/) We all painted these wonderful Magnolias. Mine isn't finished yet so I'll keep you posted on my progress on it as well.


Unknown said...

What a fun weekend we had! I have to say that I guessed your painting right away, Ellen!

Ellen said...

It was terrific fun last weekend. I was surprised at how difficult the guessing game was! I got some right but some were a complete mystery. :)