Saturday, January 9, 2010

New painting at last - Suzi step 1

It has been quite the hiatus from painting! Life kept getting in the way. But I have to start painting in all my free time to get new work to display at my show the beginning of March.

This is Suzi step 1. It is quickly drawn out using the projector right now but I now have to go back and use the ref image to correct everything and add other things. It is 11 x18" (I am painting to fit frames I already own) on Fabriano Artistico cold press 300lb paper. I won't be able to work more on it today as I am nightshift but I'll try and add step 2 tomorrow.

I am also learning how to use a new camera I bought myself at the after Christmas specials. It is a Canon G11 and I love it so far but I haven't even finished reading the instruction manual.

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