Friday, January 22, 2010

Christmas Candies step 1

This is the full painting and below is detail of the parts I have started painting.

I have finally started on this painting. There were a lot of issues up to this point of the process. I have a panoramic size frame I wanted to use (34 x 11") but it didn't have a glass. I also received an acid free gluing system for Christmas and wanted to try it. So, I used lighter weight (140 lb) paper and glued it onto mat board to make a heavier weight painting surface. My plan was to use acrylic medium to "varnish" it at the end eliminating the need for glass. I can see the gluing process will take more practise because there are small areas of bubbled paper. I also now realise that most of the paper was going to be left white and I will have to experiment to see how that looks with the acrylic medium on it.
In the meantime, I went ahead and drew out the candies from a photo I took and started painting a grouping of three on the end. I am having fun with the painting part because it isn't often you can use artificial looking colours like Hookers green and pthalo blue straight in a painting.

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