Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Elora Step 1

 It’s been a long time but I’m starting to feel like painting again. Let’s hope I remember how. I’ll blame my absence first on Christmas, then a broken leg with cast and crutches for 8 weeks, a slow recovery that I’m still working on, and, of course, Covid 19 lockdown which left me with no interest in doing anything creative. But summer is almost over and my latest painting has been sketched out on my easel for at least 6 months. Time to start before I lose my nerve.

This will be in oils again and this time it’s my daughter-in-law. I’ve started with a first dark coat on the background. I want to add another layer or two and have it dry completely before I start on lighter colours. Once any speck of white gets into black you can’t get it that dark again. So don’t expect an update for awhile. Once the background is finished I’ll post the start of the portrait part.

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