Tuesday, July 26, 2016

What I've been up to.

I'm so embarrassed to realize that I haven't updated my blog in a year. I haven't been doing much painting because I've been kept busy with my two grandsons and another one is expected in a few weeks. Life has a way of keeping me from my painting.

In the last month I've been to a couple of workshops so I'll start with those.

I attended a pastel workshop with a wonderful pastel artist, Colette Theriault. We all did a cat on velour paper.

The other workshop was at a meet of watercolourists and was led by Shelley Prior, a wonderful artist and teacher. We all did these tulips.

Lately I've been dyeing silk scarves and reverse dyeing T shirts. I'll have a separate area on my website for my fabric work once I have a chance to sit down with my webmaster (my sister). My whole website needs updating and I apologize for that as well. It will all get done eventually. In the meantime, I won't have many updates but I will and show you everything I get done.

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Linda said...

They are both lovely!