Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stage 2

It is impossible to get a good photo with it so reflective. I added the copper foil on the shadow side but it is reflecting very bright here. There are still areas not covered with the metal foil but I have to wait for a few things to dry before going on. I don't think I like it but learned years ago to work through the ugly stage before I make a final decision. The only area I really like is the shirt. I found a varigated metal foil and used it. I might experiment with painting or staining the metal maybe with oil paints after but that will be a last resort. The metal leaf is really difficult to work with because my adhesive doesn't seem to work really well.
The darks on the eyebrows and eyes are a glue with glitter in it. It will lighten as it dries and I will dust them with a brass powder I have.


Pam Dallaire said...

Coooool. I love it!

Unknown said...

So interesting, Ellen! I think it looks great already!