Tuesday, January 24, 2012

finally back to painting

It has been a long holiday season for me but things are finally back to normal (or as close as I get). LOL Today marked a big step... I finally got back to my painting. I have many more ideas for other paintings so I need to get this one finished. It's been on my easel (between other paintings) for over a year.
This is step 9. Today I corrected features, added a pinkish wash all over the skin tones, and a darker brown wash over all the background and the hair. I need to go in and work on the hair a lot more adding tones and hightlights. The face is mainly done.
The main reason for painting this portrait with the lighting I chose, was to give it the look of an old master's oil paintings. I don't need it to be photo realistic in the hair so it will go faster now.

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