Friday, January 14, 2011

Shania step 7

I worked a lot on the hair and also adding the darker values on the skin tones. These will be covered with more washes of skin tones overtop in the final stages but these darker values are needed to be added first to mould the features. I think I'm about half done at this stage. Still a lot of slogging through the larger washes before I get to the fun part (in my opinion). I love doing the last 10% where you add all the dark details and final touches that bring it to life. Once the watercolour painting is all finished I will get a good photo of it before I start varnishing over top. The varnish makes reflections and it's harder to get a good photo.


Unknown said...

Looks great, Ellen! You really have captured her likeness.

Ellen said...

Thanks Patty. Sorry I'm late responding to your comment. I didn't see it earlier. :)I am hoping the finish will be very close how she looks.