Friday, November 26, 2010

Tess step 3

Two weeks is a long time between posts. This is my busiest time of the year and life as well as other art related events have kept me from painting. Last weekend was the annual fine arts and crafts show where I had a table (see photo above). It was held at the Shania Twain Center and her wall of awards distracts from the sellers' tables (very busy background). But otherwise it was a great two days.

I am also decorating for Christmas which takes almost a week because I have so many decorations. I am holding two Christmas parties and have deadlines to get that all done. That is done except for the tree so I can now get back to painting.

Step 3
I have just continued with more of the same, laying in areas of colour to darken it and work out where areas of light and dark are. I have added a warm wash to the background but it will still get a few more glazes of different colours so this isn't what the final version will look like.

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Pam Dallaire said...

Very nice dog at this stage. :)