Saturday, October 9, 2010

Step 7

After over 4 hours of painting today it feels like I am going nowhere slowly. I keep adding layers of colour but it is building up very slowly. I took more of the masking off the glass and teapot and corrected some of the highlights. I added a warmer wash of the table colour to half the painting (it will be darker still on the right side). The most noticeable area is the tea where I've started adding washes of colour to try and get the values as well as the colour right. Still many more washes to go.

The most frustrating part is the huge amount of buckling of the paper that I am experiencing. I hope I can weight it down to flatten it once I am finished. I won't ever work on this weight of paper again unless I can glue it to a backing. The only reason I am painting on it in the first place is that it is a requirment of the show it is going in.

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