Saturday, November 7, 2009

Contemplation step 1

Our local art club (the Porcupine Art Club) is holding a show with the theme of nudes at the end of this month. The title of the show is Bare Arts II and we have all been asked to do two paintings for it. I have the one finished (Introspection - nude male) so I thought I would do a companion piece of a nude woman and call it Contemplation. The colour schemes are going to be similar. It is 10 x 7" to fit a frame I already have.

This is step one. I have drawn it out and put two glazes of colour on the background to start the process of making it receed and the figure pop out. I have discovered that a mix of Ultramarine Turquoise and Alizarin Crimson makes a lovely indigo colour that is non-staining and lifts. :) The first two washes are that although, in the second wash, I added a little quin gold to mute the blue a little.
I am hoping to get this done quickly (the deadline is two weeks) because I have an idea for another painting that needs to be done before the Christmas Craft Show in three weeks. Nothing like giving myself deadlines.

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