Saturday, January 30, 2021

Experiment With Black

 I bought some Black 3.0 from Stewart Semple. It is one of the world’s blackest blacks. I am trying an experiment to see if I can create the illusion of a flower floating in a black void like space. To help with the depth and cut down on any light reflections I am using a cradle board upside down. I’ve drawn out the flower (see step 1), primed the raw wood with an acrylic base to keep the non archival board separate from the painting (step 2), and started trying out some red colours on the first petal (step 3). I can’t go farther until a get a good photo reference printed out to do colour matching. I haven’t used my art printer in months so it will need a little work. I’ll paint the flower with oil paints then the last step will be to paint the Black 3.0 over the black background. This experiment is just for fun but I’m trying it to get ideas for my paintings.


Step 2

Step 3

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