Saturday, September 14, 2019

Step 2

I’m finally back at work on this one. I’ve had family visiting, meetings for our local art club, and a quick trip out of town yesterday. I have to get working on this so I’m going to try and work on it every couple of days to allow layers to dry between.

I painted about 3 hours today and changed a lot. I redid the cement bench colours. Right now it’s just the base colours and I still have to add layers of colour on top. I started on the face, pants, and started figuring out some of the stripes on the shirt. The upper background is going to be water to make sense to people who don’t know where this is but again, it’s just the background layer and will be blurry and lighter when finished.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

New Painting - Curiosity

I've finally started another painting. It is another painting of a grandchild but I'm doing it for our art club's show in December with the theme "Sunlight and Shadow". It is 12 x 24" and is in oil. The reference photo was taken by Jo Haughton, a wonderful photographer in Toronto who took the photos at my son's wedding.
The photo is of my grandson looking through a crack in a cement bench before the wedding. It suited the theme of the show perfectly and I couldn't resist painting it (with her permission).

The first image is of the drawing and the next is the first step in the painting. I'm mostly playing with colours and techniques to get the right feel of the cement bench. I have a few different ones here and will have to make a decision about how detailed to make it as well as the colours so this might change completely in the future. I just needed to get something on the canvas to make some decisions.