Friday, March 16, 2012

And Now for Something Completely Different

I am going to be taking an oil painting workshop from Pam Dallaire in April and have received my instuctions for our homework to be completed before the course starts. We have to paint a grey scale underpainting (grisaille) in acrylic on the 16 x 20" canvas so that at the course we will be learning how to glaze in transparent oil paints. I feel like I am back at step 1 of my learning! I haven't used acrylics before and we have to paint this using 5 values from white to black. This is step 1 after just a few hours work. I can't believe how long this is going to take me!


Unknown said...

Looks like it is coming along great, Ellen!
Looking forward to seeing what you can do with oils. I know anything you do will be beautiful!

Ellen said...

Thanks Patty, It's a completely new area for me.