Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sept 28/08

The area on my web site for on-the-easel will now be linked to this blog. It is easier for posting my own updates than emailing my webmaster almost daily. :) I have finished my last painting and I am now trying to think of a composition for my next portrait. I also have a commission that I have to get started on so there will be more to see here shortly.

Here is a photo of my version of Paul Peel's painting "Modest Model" I copied for our art club's challenge to copy a master. I won't be putting this on my regular site.

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Stacy said...

Ellen, I always liked viewing your "what's on the Easel" page on your website, but often wished I could comment so you knew I was enjoying it. So I am happy to see you moved this feature to a blog! I am familiar with your work from seeing it on Wet Canvas.

This painting is fantastic. I was not familiar with Paul Peel before seeing your version of it. But now having seen both online, I'm not sure which I think is better! I know both make me feel for that poor, little shy boy. :)

Good luck with the new blog!
Stacy (WC's Fireman's Kid)